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Subject Announcement made on behalf of 100%-owned
subsidiary, Grand Wuhan Incorporated, to dispose assets.

1.Name and nature of the subject matter (e.g.land located at
Sublot XX, Lot XX, North District, Taichung City):
Equipment and machinery for business operation
2.Date of the occurrence of the event:2018/05/03~2018/09/18
3.Transaction volume (e.g.XX square meters, equivalent to XX p'ing),unit price, total transaction price:
A batch of equipment with a transaction price of US$12.68 million dollars(or equivalent to NT$389.59 million dollars).
4.Counterparty to the trade and its relationship with the company (if
the trading counterpart is a natural person and is not an actual
related party of the Company, the name of the trading counterpart is not required to be disclosed):Elite Electronic Material (Huangshi) Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary by the Company.
5.Where the counterpart to the trade is an actual related party, a
public announcement shall also include the reason for choosing the related party as trading counterpart and the identity of the
previous owner (including its relationship with the company and
the trading counterpart), price of transfer and the date of
To create synergy from restructuring the assets owned by the Company.
6.Where a person who owned the property within the past five years has been an actual related person of the company, a public announcement shall also include the dates and prices of acquisition and disposal by the related person and the person’s relationship to the company at those times:Not applicable.
7.Anticipated loss or profit from the disposal (not applicable in cases of acquisition of assets) (where originally deferred, the status or recognition shall be stated and explained):Not applicable.
8.Terms of delivery or payment (including payment period and monetary amount), restrictive covenants in the contract, and other important stipulations:Receivables will be collected based
on terms written in the sales-and-purchase contract.
9.The manner of deciding on this transaction (such as tender invitation, price comparison, or price negotiation), the reference basis for the decision on price and the decision-making department:

The manner of deciding on this transaction:
tender invitation and price negotiation.

The reference basis for the decision on price:
The current prevailing market price
The decision-making department:
The Board of Directors of Grand Wuhan Incorporated.
10.Name of the professional appraisal institution and its appraisal
amount:Not applicable
11.Reason for any significant discrepancy with the transaction amount, and opinion of the certifying CPA:Not applicable
12.Is the appraisal report price a limited price or specific price?:
Not applicable
13.Has an appraisal report not yet been obtained?:No
14.Reason for an appraisal report not been obtained:Not applicable
15.Broker and broker's fee:Not applicable
16.Concrete purpose or use of the acquisition or disposal:To dispose
the machinery and equipment to the acquirer for business operation of the acquirer.
17.Do the directors have any objection to the present transaction?:No
18.Any other matters that need to be specified:None